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Telepathy in B5

Telepathics (aka Teeps)

The gene for telepathy that exists in many sentient races was artificially introduced by the Vorlons over the course of centuries. The purpose being to create weapons against the Shadows' Organic Technology.

Since sentient races cannot naturally evolve telepathic abilities and naturally evolved telepathy precludes sentience, the only way to create the sentient telepathic weapons the Vorlons desired was to develop the two traits separately and later combine them artificially. The Vorlons went about creating telepaths on a hundred worlds by first visiting a planet with promising yet primitive life-forms, taking genetic samples or individuals from those races (Homo erectus in the case of Earth), taking them back to their experimental station where they were cloned, bred, manipulated, experimented on and pushed towards an enhanced telepathic ability.

It is unknown if the percentage of a species' telepath population is consistent for each race, but among humans in the twenty third century, 1 out of every 1000 humans has telepathic abilities. 1 out of every 10,000 human telepaths had telekinetic abilities, with half of them being clinically insane. Out of all of these, only 5% manifested their abilities prior to the onset of puberty.

It is known that telepaths are prone to eccentric dream behavior, such as walking in their sleep.

The Psi rating ranges from 1 to 12 in Babylon 5. This is abbreviated by a P followed by their ranking. Most commercial telepaths range from 4 to 8. While the most powerful become Psi-Cops, who usually have a P rating of 12. Its commonly known that Hyper Space can amplify Telepathic signals, treat is like using Extra Effort without having to.

Telepathy Rank vs the P Scale
The chart below gives a rough estimate on the relative Power , based between a characters rank in Telepathy vs. B5's P Scale. I am still fiddling with this, but this gives a very nice controlling factor. The P Scale seems to assume skill with your ability, more than relative power level in M&M; though it is meant to imply how POWERFUL you are too.

Telepathy vs P Scale
Rank 1 Telepathy = P1 and P2
Rank 2 Telepathy = P3 and P4
Rank 3 Telepathy = P5 and P6
Rank 4 Telepathy = P7 and P8
Rank 5 Telepathy = P9 and P10
Rank 6 Telepathy = P11 and P12
Rank 7 Telepathy + = P13

The P Scale
P1 - Lowest rating on the Psi Scale, barely registers as telepathic. Can do little but detecting and blocking low level scans.
P2 - Very Low Rating, limited to low level administration and medical duties.
P3 - Very Low Rating
P4 - Very low rating
P5 - Low level Psi Rating, most commercial telepaths. Limited to background interviews, and trained in search and recover, but are limited by proximity.
P6 - Mid Level Psi Rating
P7 - Mid Level Psi Rating
P8 - Mid Level Psi Rating, can implant false memories or thoughts, or simply make a person look the other way.
P9 - High Level Psi Rating, can sense Electronic Surveillance.
P10 - High Level Psi Rating, Instructors are at this level. Proficient at Blocking Scans, and cutting through other Telepath’s defenses.
P11 - Very High, Usually Psi Crops Administrators or Senior Instructors.
P12 - Highest Telepath Rating. Able to detect a ship in Hyperspace by focusing on thoughts waves of the passengers and crew.
P13 - Not a rating per se, but a label for those who display abilities off the chart.

B5 Earth Force Ranks

Earth Force Ranks

Earth Force Ranks have been neatly designed into two different kinds of Officers, Commissioned and Non-Commissioned Officers which is represented by the Benefit (Rank) Feat, each rank in this feat grants you the appropriate Rank as listed below. Giving you a bonus to appropriate Intimidation or Diplomacy Checks with other Earth Force Personnel (and to wealth bonus, if used). So if you want to play a Major , that's a Rank 4 Benefit (EF Rank). If you want to play a Non-Commissioned Officer that's a Sergeant , purchase 3 ranks of the Benefit (EF Rank).

Commissioned Officers
An officer is a member of an armed force or in some cases uniformed service who holds a position of authority. Commissioned officers derive authority directly from a sovereign power and, as such, hold a commission charging them with the duties and responsibilities of a specific office or position. Commissioned officers are typically the only persons, in a military environment, able to act as the commanding officer (according to the most technical definition of the word) of a military unit.

1 Ensign
2 Lieutenant Junior Grade
3 Lieutenant
4 Major
5 Lt. Commander
6 Commander
7 Captain
8 Colonel
9 General
10 Joint Chief of Staff

Non Commissioned Officers has achieved a rank of authority through promotion, through the non-officer ranks. Most NCO's specialize in a particular duty within the Military. Non-commissioned officers (NCOs) in positions of authority can be said to have control or charge rather than command per se, although the use of the word "command" to describe any use of authority is widespread and often official. However the Warrant Officer requires taking another Benefit FEAT (Warrant Officer, Specialty) and choose what specialized duty that you do. This allows you have the authority over comissioned officers , save the commander or higher. When it applies to your particular duty.

1 Private
2 Private 1st Class
3 Sergeant
4 Sergeant Major
5 Warrant Officer

Branches of the Earth Force
There are seven branches of service in Earth force.
EarthForce Branches
Flag Officer
Executive Officer
Executive Officer (telepath)
Command Staff

Command (Marine)
Presidential Security
Internal Affairs
Engineering and Maintenance
Earth Central
Mars Command

Earth forces Command (Starfury pilots)
Earth forces Off World (Starfury pilots)
Earthforce Science Team (pilots)
Flight Wings (for pilots)

Flight wings tell the relative piloting skills of those who are Starfury pilots. This has no gaming effect other than to show just how good the pilot is. The chart below shows what Piloting rank you need to qualify.

Pilot (4 ranks of piloting)
Junior Pilot (6 ranks of piloting)
Senior Pilot (9 ranks of piloting)
Master Pilot (12 ranks of piloting)

Babylon 5: The Shadows

“What do you want?”

Average Shadow Being (PL 7/139pp)
Abilities [53pp]: Strength 22 (+6), Dexterity 16 (+3), Constitution 20 (+5), Intelligence 23 (+6), Wisdom 16 (+3), Charisma 16 (+3)

Saves [8pp]: Toughness +9, Fortitude 5 (+10), Reflexes 2 (+5), Willpower 1 (+4/+8)

Combat [10pp]: Attack Bonus: +0 (Ranged: +0, Melee: +5, Grapple: +11), Defense: +5 (Flat-footed: +3), Knockback: -4, Initiative: +3

Attacks (Dc): Claws +5 (dc 24), Mind Reading 7 (dc Will 17), Unarmed Attack +5 (dc 21)

Skills [17pp]: Bluff 7 (+10), Concentration 6 (+9), Craft (Shadow Tech) 6 (+12), Intimidate 5 (+8), Knowledge (history) 9 (+15), Knowledge (physical sciences) 9 (+15), Knowledge (technology) 9 (+15), Notice 4 (+7), Search 4 (+10), Stealth 9 (+12)

Feats [7pp]: Attack Focus (melee) 5, Fearsome Presence 2, Improved Grapple

Powers [50pp]:
Alien Physiology 9 [Passive Container; Innate]
- Carapace [Protection 4; Noticeable]
- Claws [Damage 3 (Mighty, Precise)]
- Efficient Body Mass [Immunity 2 (critical hits)]
- Hexaped [Additional Limbs 4 (6 extra limbs; +4 to Grapple when not using Imp. Grapple, Feats: Improved Grapple; Precise]
- Immortal [Immunity 2 (aging, disease)]
- Invisibility 4 [Total concealment from all visual senses; Power Loss (Ultraviolet Spectrum))
- Mind Reading 7 [Subtle 2 (unnoticable)]
- Multi Spectrum Eyes [Super-Senses 5) (darkvision, infravision, low-light vision, ultravision)]
- Phasing [Super-Movement 3 (permeate 3 (full speed); Limited (Large Power Flows) [2 ranks only])]
- Feature: Ultra High Freq. Communication [Subtle]

Shadow Tech Implants (4pp)
- Telepathic Block [Enhanced Will Save +4; Limited (Only against Psychic Attacks)]
- Language Translators [Comprehend 1 (Understand)]

A GM is welcome to introduce any number of strange abilities as Implants.

Drawbacks [+2pp]:  Vulnerable, uncommon, moderate, Psychic Powers

Builder’s Notes:
The Shadows is the name given to an ancient race who were among the oldest of the First Ones. The name "Shadows" was given to them by the younger races as their actual name is unknown, though it is said to be over 10,000 letter long and unpronounceable by any of the younger races.

The Shadows are insectoid hexapeds that resemble a cross between an Earth spider and praying mantis. Naturally colored in shades of dark purple and black they have the ability to cloak themselves from most visible wavelengths, though can sometimes be seen as figures of static in the upper end of the infrared spectrum.

Several Notes about this build. The shadows language is a subtle one, which can only be heard on the high end of the ultra sonic spectrum. Which gives it that strange insect like tone, which most just shrug off as some kind of insect. Though it can be made undetectable to normal hearing, thus why the feature with subtle has been introduced. A non-shadow creature cannot understand the language without shadow technology.

Their physical forms have evolved to the point, they have no weak points or useless functions of their physiology. Thus are not prone to critical hits. Their almost unbreakable carapace see’s to that.

Battle suit with a vengeance

“I am the Angel of Vengeance, fear my wrath if you cross me!”
Picture is by Pirate-Queen on deviant art.

Vengeance (PL 12 NPC worth 237pp)
Real Name: Amanda Barrington, Profession: Computer Analyst, Identity: Secret, Marital Status: Single, Residence: Seattle, Washington, Family: Amanda was an only child, and her parents are deceased, Age: 25, Height: 5'8", Weight: 140 lbs, Eyes: Violet, Hair: Black

Abilities [20pp]: Strength +5 (11/20), Dexterity +5 (13/20), Constitution +5 (10/20), Intelligence +4 (18), Wisdom +2 (15), Charisma +1 (13)

Saves [8pp]: Toughness +5/+12, Fortitude +6/+11, Reflexes +6/+10, Willpower +8/+14

Combat [10pp]: Attack Bonus: +2/+10 (Ranged: +2/+10, Melee: +2/+10, Grapple: +7/+27), Defense: +3/+12 (Flat-footed: +6), Knockback: -9, Initiative: +17

Attacks (dc): Gravitic Energy Beams (Blast 14), +10 (DC 29), Gravitic Pulse Blasts (Blast 10), +12 (DC 25), Nauseate 7, +10 (DC Fort/Staged 17), Unarmed Attack, +10 (DC 20), Variable Body Weaponry (Strike 7) [Dyn: 2/r, +10max 0PP], +12 (DC 27)

Skills [14pp]: Bluff 7 (+8), Computers 4 (+8), Diplomacy 5 (+6), Drive 2 (+7), Intimidate 9 (+10), Knowledge (physical sciences) 6 (+10), Knowledge (technology) 6 (+10), Notice 5 (+7), Research 4 (+8), Search 6 (+10)

Feats [1pp]: All-Out Attack, Attractive, Endurance, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Improved Initiative, Improved Initiative, Improved Trip, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Startle, Takedown Attack 2

Powers [189pp]:
Alien Body Suit (Device 47) (Hard to lose, Restricted use (Only those the Device chooses))
The Alien Body Suit is a symbiotic , semi organic device that bonds with the user it chooses. It creates a chemical dependency in its host which effects the mind and the body. The device itself is an incredible piece of technology, with a variety of powers and abilities. Its bond allows the user to communicate with it, and from time to time the device can give its own opinions and advice. In the Millennium Verse which is the default setting for this character, the Alien Body Suit is a True Gurond body suit of Maecian design. The armor itself is a fully form fitting piece of black armor, that appears to be just one piece. However its fluid and organic design, adds a measure of style that appears totally alien in appearance. However pulses of white purple energy coarse along its chest plate , working its way down the armor from the shoulders. And continues on the boots and back, where the Gravitic propulsion systems are.
The symbiosis of the Armor allows for quicker reaction times, both physically and mentally. While its base programming grants enhanced abilities, and innate combat abilities. It also has the ability to seal and heal the wounds of the person wearing it.
. Communication with the Armor (Features 1)
. Neural Interface (Linked)
. . Enhanced Trait 1 (Linked; Feats: Improved Initiative)
. . Quickness 1 (Linked; Perform routine tasks at 2x speed)
. Symbiotic Combat Matrix (Enhanced Trait 43) (Traits: Attack Bonus +8 (+10), Defense Bonus +9 (+12), Feats: All-Out Attack, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative, Improved Trip, Move-by Action, Power Attack, Startle, Takedown Attack 2)
. Symbiotic Enhancement (Enhanced Trait 43) (Traits: Strength +9 (20, +5), Dexterity +7 (20, +5), Constitution +10 (20, +5), Will +6 (+14), Reflex +4 (+10), Fortitude +5 (+11), Feats: Endurance, Improved Initiative)
. Symbiotic Healing Factor (Regeneration 10) (recovery bonus 2 (+2 to recover), recovery rate (bruised) 2 (recover 1 / action), recovery rate (disabled) 2 (recover 1 / hour), recovery rate (injured) 2 (recover 1 / 5 mins), recovery rate (staggered) 2 (recover 1 / 5 mins), DC 20; Diehard, Regrowth)

Weapon Systems
The morphic nature of the Gurond armor, grants it the ability to create a variable array of physical weapons from any point on its body. These weapons can be of anything technological in nature. As well as the ability to secret a poison in those it can grapple with, and the ability to jack into computer systems. Its main weapon system is powered by its Gravitic core, which allows it to fire Gravitic energy ( white purple color) at its opponents.
. Variable Body Weaponry (Strike 7) [Dyn: 2/r, +10max 0PP] (DC 27; Penetrating [3 ranks only]; Mighty, Variable Descriptor 2 (Broad group - Technological), Accurate (+2), Extended Reach (5 ft.))
. . Alt: Nauseate 7 (DC 17; Poison; Limited (Requires a Grapple))
. . Alt: Datalink 12 (sense type: mental; Rapid, Machine Control)
. . Dyn.: Super-Movement 3 [Dyn: 2/r, max 15PP] (wall-crawling 3 (full speed, sticky))
. Gravitic Energy Beams (Blast 14) (DC 29; Penetrating; Action (full))
. . Alt: Gravitic Pulse Blasts (Blast 10) (DC 25; Penetrating [5 ranks only]; Accurate (+2), Split Attack (2 targets), Precise)

Exoskeleton and Musculature
The true Gurond construction of the armor, allows it to enhanced the frame of its wearer. Granting super human levels of strength, as well as a boost in running speed and the distance with which the wearer can leap. It is also environmentally sealed, and can take care of almost any biological function allowing it to work in space. Its biggest design is its built in Reconfiguration Matrix, which not only alters the appears of the armor itself. But the look of the person wearing it. This makes it very hard to know who this villain is exactly.
. Enhanced Musculature (Super-Strength 12) (+60 STR carry capacity, heavy load: 819.2 tons; +12 STR to some checks; Bracing, Groundstrike (Radius: 50 ft., DC 15))
. Immunity 9 (life support)
. Reconfiguration Matrix (Morph 2) (morph: broad group - any humanoid, +10 Disguise; Duration (continuous); Action (move))
. Semi Organic Compound (Protection 7) (+7 Toughness; Impervious)
. Speed 5 (Speed: 250 mph, 2200 ft./rnd)
. . Alt: Leaping 5 (Jumping distance: x50)

Sensory Powers
The armor’s sealed helmet allows it to grant the wearer enhanced vision and hearing, as well as the ability to see in total darkness and in the heat range. It can also pick up radio signals, and super high and low frequencies with ease. It also has the means to visual track its opponents.
. Super-Senses 9 (darkvision, extended: Normal Hearing 1 (x10), extended: Normal Vision 1 (x10), infravision, radio, tracking: Visual (half speed), ultra-hearing)

Flight Systems
The flight systems of the armor allow it to fly by means of Gravitic propulsion, which bursts in a white purple color. It is limited to a top speed of 1000 miles per hour in the atmosphere, while once free of a planets gravity it can reach speeds up to 50,000 miles per hour.
. Gravitic Flight System (Flight 12) (Speed: 50000 mph, 440000 ft./rnd; Limited (To the Atmosphere) [7 ranks only])

Drawbacks [5pp]: Normal Identity (common), Weakness (Moderate, Uncommon; -1 to all checks when away from her armor for more than 1 armor, every hours)

Withdrawals: Suffers from withdrawals when out of the armor more than an hour.
Secret: Secret Identity
Enemy: Dr. Mathew Stack (or appropriate super scientist)
Enemy: Guardian II (or appropriate power armored hero)!


Amanda Barrington was a mild mannered Computer Analyst. Who came into possession of an Alien Battle Suit, that gave her the power to do everything she could have ever wanted. Its symbiotic nature, has warped her mind unfortunately and she became a villainous metahuman.

How does one come into possession of one of the scariest items known to exist? Well it started one day on her way to work, she had stopped at her local coffee shop to pick up a drink to take a work. And thats when she bumped into a handsome man who was dressed in a three piece suit. He had one of those charming smiles, you know the type, the ones that are too hard to resist. And he started up a conversation, and surprised by the circumstances herself she found herself telling him everything about herself.

Over the next few days, she began to see him more and more. She opened up telling him all her secrets and desires. And then one day, her mysterious man had finally pushed her to edge he wanted. She quit her job, infuriated by the treatment of her boss. The man handed her a big black briefcase, and told her she would find everything she had ever wanted inside. What was inside, would promise her the confidence, and strength she had always dreamed of. And then he disappeared.

Amanda had hesitated in opening it at first, she went back to the coffee shop where they had met. But she couldn't find him there again. So after four days of wondering and nervous glances at the briefcase, she opened it up to reveal a strange black armor. She never even had the chance to scream , as it reached out for her and covered her in it.

Amanda marveled as how she felt , and at first , she had done a few good deeds. But over time the armor changed her body, warped her personality. Her eyes had become violet, and she became more and more violent and aggressive till the authorities began to call her a villain and a menace to society.

Builder's Notes:
I wanted something new and completely different, plus i wanted to come up with a female power armored villain. So this is what i came up with, she is designed for my Millennium Verse setting. However she can fit into Freedom quite easily, just change several aspects of her story. I surprised even myself when i was done with this character, and stood back looking at her statistics. This is one woman you definetly do not want to cross. Unfortunately i couldn't find a picture for her armor, but the nice thing is it could look like anything she wants it to.

The Millennium Universe Setting

Before the Beginning:
When the universe had formed, two species became the first to exist in our material plane. Two great species known as the Verdani and the Adverse (or Maecian as we would later call them) had transcended physical form, and became ascended spirits of power after only 1000 millennia. The Verdani stood for positive aspects, such as light, life, and goodness. While the Adverse became the polar opposites, darkness, death, chaos, and evil. It was in this battle between them, that has lasted through out the great Eons till present day. This struggle has kept a tenuous balance between these two forces, but eventually even this war was felt on many different worlds and realities. One in particular world, was brought to their attention when they sensed the potential for great life there.

While the earth was still young by our own measure of things, and great creatures roamed the earth. At this time, the great Saurian and Czithlian races were already at war for dominance. The Saurian’s were an intelligence race of humanoid lizards, and Czithlian’s were the first of demonic races which roamed the lands of Ancient Earth. The Adverse were the first to act, and joined forces with the Czithlian demons to scourge the lands with promises of evolution and change. The Verdani where just powerful enough to stop this war from going any further, and banished the Czithlian’s to the Abyssal plane with some of the Adverse who did not flee. To allow the regular course of evolution to take, the Verdani preferred not to interfere in the natural development of any species.

The Cataclysm and the Birth of Magic
However the cataclysm came which brought an end to the reign of the Saurian, and the dinosaur populations. A great meteor plummeted from the heavens, and crashed in the vast ocean. From its depths rose a new island would become Atlantis. This upheavel caused a burst of magical energy to be released from the crystaline core of the meteorite, and as crystaline debree was scattered across the globe. It created a latice work of magical weave which many might call lei lines of energy. And the direct positions of the crystals which are now burried deep under the earth, are nexus points of magical energy. The verdant recognized this great power of magic, as did the Adverse. This created a neutral force of energy that both could tap into, as the Adverse continued to meddle in the evolution of the races to come.

With the birth of magic, those dinosaurs which survived the ecological and environmental upheaval's created the first magical race to exist. Dragons, gigantic intelligent creatures which began to shape the weaves of magic from the very island that magic was birthed upon.

The Birth of Man and the Meta Human
The Adverse and Verdani spirits saw the rise of the mammals, and eventually the birth of man into an intelligent creature. So the Adverse began to manipulate the genetic structure of man, attempting to create a super powered weapon they could use against the Verdani. The first attempts at these, drew great success and created a race of beings called the Maecian's. The first genetic mutants upon the earth, roughtly 28-30,000 years ago. The Maecian's became the physical manifestation of the adverse's will and worked for the greater cause and glory of the Adverse ideology. To create change, and mutation in others. With humans as their pawns. Some Maecian's with the help of the Adverse, where able to contact those Czithlian Demons which still survived in the Abyss. Making pacts and bargains for more power, in hopes of defeating their sworn enemy the Verdani.

The Verdani spirits could not let this brooch go unchecked, and they to began to manipulate the human structure. Creating the T`khan, to battle the growing threat of the Adverse and Maecian people. The T`khan were pure and glorious beings dedicated to purity and light. Who began to populate the Island of Atlantis, which would grow to be the myth that many would hear about through out history. Atlantis, Arcadia, etc. A land of magic and science. Thus began to first earthly war, between the T`khan and the Maecian. Which humans began to worship as gods and spirits.

Mistress Psyche

"I know more than you could ever know about the truth, but are you ready for it? I don't think anyone is ready for the Truth. But... all will be revealed in time. However let's take what time we have, and enjoy ourselves. "

Mistress Psyche (PL 13/296pp)
Real Name: Sheila Jacobs, Aliases: Amphissa (Greek), Sophia Turla (Russian), Origin: Alien Hybrid/Mutation, Profession: Dilettante, Multi-Millionaire, and Business Woman, Base of Operations: Millennium City, Marital Status: Single, Place of Birth: Knossos, Crete, Family: Kreon (Father; deceased), Sybilla (Mother; deceased), Age: 3,681 (appears in middle twenties still), Height: 5‘4“, Weight: 120 lbs, Eyes: Blue, Hair: Dark brown, Allegiances: Ethical (Good), Motivations: Responsibility, Goals: To find the Verdant Shard
Offensive Power Level: 8.5
Defensive Power Level: 12.5

Abilities [62pp]: Strength 12 (+1), Dexterity 16 (+3), Constitution 18 (+4), Intelligence 23 (+6), Wisdom 30 (+10), Charisma 23 (+6)

Saves [15pp]: Toughness +4/+16, Fortitude 4 (+8/+14), Reflexes 4 (+7), Willpower 7 (+17)
* Situational Modifiers: Mind over Matter modifies Fortitude saves.

Combat [24pp]: Attack Bonus +5, Defense Bonus +9 (+3 flat), Initiative +7/+14, Grapple +6, Knock Back -6, Hero Points 1
* Situational Modifiers: Mind over Matter modifies Initiative Checks.

Attacks (dc): Unarmed +5 (dc 16), Telepathy (dc 22), Mental Blast (dc 24 will save), Illusion (dc 19), Mind Control (dc 22), Mental Transformation (dc 18), Stun (dc 19), Kinetic Blast (dc 27), Paralyze (dc 19)
* Situational Modifiers: Favored Opponent (+1 damage dc vs. Servants of the Adverse/Maecian)

Skills [24pp]: Bluff 9 (+15), Concentration 10 (+20), Diplomacy 9 (+15), Gather Information 8 (+14), Sense Motive 12 (+22), Knowledge: Arcane Lore 7 (+13), Knowledge: Business 12 (+18), Knowledge: History 7 (+13), Language 7 (Minoan; Russian, Persian, Sanskrit, Syrian, Egyptian, English, Greek ), Notice 10 (+20), Stealth 4 (+7) , Swim 3 (+4),

Feats [38pp]: Attractive 2, Benefit (Wealth Bonus +24) 4, Benefit -(Alternate Identity, Fame/Status) 2, Blood Line (T`khan), Connected, Contacts, Dodge Focus 2, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 7, Favored Opponent (Adverse/Maecian) 2, Improved Initiative 1, Jack-Of-All-Trades, Mind over Matter 2, Minions 6(Progression 2, PL 2, Fanatic), Psionic Mastery 3, Ritualist, Well-Informed

Powers [133pp]:
Hybrid Physiology 4 [Passive Container; Innate] = 21
Sheila’s half T`khan nature grants her a long life, immunity to disease, an enhanced healing rate, and a powerfully protected mind.
- Immunity 2 [Aging, Disease]
- Regeneration 7 [Ability Damage 2, Recovery Bonus +3, Recovery Rate (Bruised) 1, Recovery Rate (Injured) 1; Power Feats: Persistent)
- Impervious Willpower Save 8

Super Senses [Magic Awareness, Adverse Awareness, Maecian Awareness, Verdani Awareness, T`khan Awareness, Psionic Awareness, Meta Human Awareness] = 7 pp
Sheila’s gifted ability is the ability to detect any number of various energies, which allows her to detect the presence of Magic, and meta human individuals.

Telepathy 12 [PF: Dynamic; Extra: Action (Move)] = 59
Sheila’s Telepathic Mastery is amazing, she possesses a level of skill few will ever reach with their power. she truly earns the title as Earths Master Telepath.
--- D. Alt: Mental Blast 9
--- D. Alt: Nullify 12 [Counters: All Powers with a Mental Descriptor]
--- D. Alt: Illusion 9 [All Sense Types; PF: Progression, Area 6 (500 ft. area), Flaws: Phantasms)
--- D. Alt: ESP 12 [Sight & Hearing]
--- D. Alt: Comprehend 4 [Languages 3, Spirits 1; Extra: Affects Others]
--- D. Alt: Mind Control 12 [Extras: Conscious]
--- D. Alt: Mental Transformation 8 [Extras: Continuous]
--- D. Alt: Telelocation 12
--- D. Alt: Stun 9 [Extra: Perception Ranged]
--- D. Alt: Astral Projection 7

Telekinesis 12 [PF: Dynamic, Perception; Drawback: Noticeable] = 46
Sheila’s Psionic mastery is amazing, and her telekinetic powers are noticeable to anyone when she uses them. Her powers display themselves with a faint white glow that looks like tendrils (which is similar to what the character Savrael does). These tendrils in effect simulate the effects which she can use.
--- D. Alt: Flight 12 [Speed: 10000 mph]
--- D. Alt: Force Field 12 [Extras: Impervious 8, Affects Others]
--- D. Alt: Blast 12 [Kinetic; Range (Perception) ]
--- D. Alt: Create Object 12 [Kinetic; Extra: Moveable]
--- D. Alt: Paralyze 9 [Extra: Perception Range]

Equipment [35ep]: Reflex Molecule Outfit [Enhanced Feat: Quick Change 2; 2 ep], Penthouse Suite (16 ep, see skyscraper, 5 floors), Limousine (8 ep), Sports Car (7ep), Cellphone (1ep), PDA (1ep)

Minions: 5 NPCS with 30 pp’s spent: These include a Butler, and Driver.

Complications: Fame

Builder’s Notes:
Sheila gets a big boost in her abilities and powers, as my understanding of the character’s roll in the universe plays. She’s supposed to be the Premiere Telepath of the Millennium Universe.

Psionic Mastery [New Feat]: The player gets a pool of hero points, which can only be spent on Power Stunting, or Increase Power options with Psionic based powers.

Sheila Jacobs appears to most as a discrete socialite. If an event is important enough, she's there. Indeed, she is a brand into herself, marking any event in which she makes an appearance with an extra layer of pride to the host. No one's quite sure how long she's been around or what she does for a living. Paparazzi never seem to get a hold of her and none of the other members of society's creme-de-la-creme dare ask.

Truth is, Sheila Jacobs has been around for a long, long time. She was born 3681 years ago on the island of Crete, in the ancient city of Knossos during the height of the Minoan culture. Amphissa was the daughter of a Merchant King, and a beautiful Atlantian woman named Sybilla . She lived the good life of a merchant king's daughter but the appearance of her incredible powers in early adolescence singled her out for great things.

Endowed with virtual immortality and immense Psionic powers, it took little effort to expand her father’s business into a success, within Egypt, Crete, Syria, Greece, Anatolia, and Mesopotamia. She eventually took over the operations of her father’s business after his untimely demise. Exporting copper, tin, and other valuable commodities through out the ancient world. She quickly became revered as the Goddess of Commerce in Crete.

However, time is not kind. Civilizations rise and fall and even a powerful mutant like herself saw the world around her collapse. Egypt, and the fall of her own country of Crete as well. She was in her forties, when her beloved Crete was destroyed in what would become a famous volcanic explosion. She traveled the world, getting to know just how grand and expansive her world really was. She dined in Rome and rode across the Russia’s, camped in Persian sands and feasted in Indian temples.

Always looking for signs of her kind, other’s special just like her. She spent a great amount of time in Russia and Europe during her travels, but eventually settled in Greece. She battled the likes of great men during the ages, included the machinations of Grigory Rasputin (A servant of the Adverse, and yes he‘s very much still alive) as Sophia Turla. She saw the silk empire and the land of the setting sun, and she passed the calumet amid native American tribes, all before renaissance was even upon clumsy Europe. She was there when the world was known to be round and she was there when gravity was found. She was also there when the Mayflower reached the shores of the Americas.

Long-lived and patient, Sheila Jacobs has had a thousand names and a thousand crafts and now she lives in the city of the Future, Millennium. Silently sitting upon her wealth and presence, silently guiding humanity. And subverting the agendas of the Adverse. Many don’t know the Truth, the secret battle that wages on the prime material plane. Should evil win, the adverse may be able to enter this realm once more. And be able to create and control a force, that could wipe out the Verdani once and for all. She mingles with super hero’s of all kinds, and most people know she is a powerful Meta-human. They just don’t know the extent of her influence, or the long past that she has.

Sheila Jacobs has her fingers in business everywhere, she even has her own perfume company. She often visits Club M, keeping an appearance there. Just so the meta human community knows where she is, and is still around. It’s a place where even the normal, can mingle and mix with those that have powers. Meanwhile she has been searching for an ancient Verdant artifact that may be on earth, or somewhere in the solar system known as the Verdant Shard. A large crystalline sphere, that can channel the cosmic power of the Verdani. Should it fall into the wrong hands, it could spell earth’s doom. What history she has given away, is that she is the second to hold her heroic title. But little do they know that she was also the first, as Sophia Turla.