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Telepathy in B5

Telepathics (aka Teeps)

The gene for telepathy that exists in many sentient races was artificially introduced by the Vorlons over the course of centuries. The purpose being to create weapons against the Shadows' Organic Technology.

Since sentient races cannot naturally evolve telepathic abilities and naturally evolved telepathy precludes sentience, the only way to create the sentient telepathic weapons the Vorlons desired was to develop the two traits separately and later combine them artificially. The Vorlons went about creating telepaths on a hundred worlds by first visiting a planet with promising yet primitive life-forms, taking genetic samples or individuals from those races (Homo erectus in the case of Earth), taking them back to their experimental station where they were cloned, bred, manipulated, experimented on and pushed towards an enhanced telepathic ability.

It is unknown if the percentage of a species' telepath population is consistent for each race, but among humans in the twenty third century, 1 out of every 1000 humans has telepathic abilities. 1 out of every 10,000 human telepaths had telekinetic abilities, with half of them being clinically insane. Out of all of these, only 5% manifested their abilities prior to the onset of puberty.

It is known that telepaths are prone to eccentric dream behavior, such as walking in their sleep.

The Psi rating ranges from 1 to 12 in Babylon 5. This is abbreviated by a P followed by their ranking. Most commercial telepaths range from 4 to 8. While the most powerful become Psi-Cops, who usually have a P rating of 12. Its commonly known that Hyper Space can amplify Telepathic signals, treat is like using Extra Effort without having to.

Telepathy Rank vs the P Scale
The chart below gives a rough estimate on the relative Power , based between a characters rank in Telepathy vs. B5's P Scale. I am still fiddling with this, but this gives a very nice controlling factor. The P Scale seems to assume skill with your ability, more than relative power level in M&M; though it is meant to imply how POWERFUL you are too.

Telepathy vs P Scale
Rank 1 Telepathy = P1 and P2
Rank 2 Telepathy = P3 and P4
Rank 3 Telepathy = P5 and P6
Rank 4 Telepathy = P7 and P8
Rank 5 Telepathy = P9 and P10
Rank 6 Telepathy = P11 and P12
Rank 7 Telepathy + = P13

The P Scale
P1 - Lowest rating on the Psi Scale, barely registers as telepathic. Can do little but detecting and blocking low level scans.
P2 - Very Low Rating, limited to low level administration and medical duties.
P3 - Very Low Rating
P4 - Very low rating
P5 - Low level Psi Rating, most commercial telepaths. Limited to background interviews, and trained in search and recover, but are limited by proximity.
P6 - Mid Level Psi Rating
P7 - Mid Level Psi Rating
P8 - Mid Level Psi Rating, can implant false memories or thoughts, or simply make a person look the other way.
P9 - High Level Psi Rating, can sense Electronic Surveillance.
P10 - High Level Psi Rating, Instructors are at this level. Proficient at Blocking Scans, and cutting through other Telepath’s defenses.
P11 - Very High, Usually Psi Crops Administrators or Senior Instructors.
P12 - Highest Telepath Rating. Able to detect a ship in Hyperspace by focusing on thoughts waves of the passengers and crew.
P13 - Not a rating per se, but a label for those who display abilities off the chart.

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